IFIN is a joint venture between two Islamic finance pioneers - Path Solutions (www.path-solutions.com), the world's leading provider of Islamic finance technology, and IFAAS (Islamic Finance Advisory & Assurance Services), a leading international advisory firm dedicated to Islamic finance.

 The founder and CEO of IFIN, Dr. Shaher Abbas said "We are very proud to bring the first of its kind FinTech solution to the Islamic financial services industry. The end-to-end digitalisation of the financing process allows Islamic financial institutions to significantly reduce their costs, enhance their profitability and expand their outreach to be where their customers are, without laying another brick. On the other hand, with the whole financing process taking only 10 minutes to be completed, retailers can boost their sales, expand their product offering and provide their customers with the unique shopping and financing experience that IFIN brings. IFIN plans to expand in 20 countries over the next 5 years to capture a market potentially worth over $600 billion". 

 Mohammed Kateeb, Chairman and CEO of Path Solutions added, "We are delighted that, by using our cumulative knowledge in Islamic finance technology and through our collaboration with IFAAS, we have developed an industry-leading solution that will deliver real impact to Islamic financial institutions, retailers and customers. We have known and understood the industry challenges very thoroughly and developed a practical solution not only to meet those challenges but also to help take the industry to the next level". Farrukh Raza, IFAAS Group CEO, also commented on the launch saying, "Our experience and insight of the industry has enabled us to develop a much-needed FinTech with Path Solutions to lay down the foundation of a digital Islamic finance industry that serves the real economy and supports the development of communities".