AssistBox is an online communication platform developed to provide remote service in the finance, insurance, retail, and healthcare industries.

AssistBox, founded by Bora Gül and Yıldıray Yılmaz, in August 2018 in Istanbul, is a startup that enables customers to get service wherever they are and whenever they want. AssistBox, working in the B2B model, has a team of nearly 15 people.

The general focus of the startup is to provide service remotely. The problems they offer solutions to: Contamination risk caused by the pandemic, inability to receive remote and fast support on customers’ side, customer dissatisfaction caused by these problems, and inefficient use of employee resources on the companies’ side.

AssistBox’s Value Proposition

Co-founder of AssistBox, Bora Gül said: “We are a technology company focused on the realization of traditional on-site services online. Our platform has video and teleconference, authentication OCR, NFC, remote mobile device control, and queue management features. Using these features, we enable remote support and intervention in areas that require expertise such as sales representatives, doctors, and experts."

6 Solutions Offered by AssistBox for Sectoral Needs

AssistBox offers
  1. To the finance industry, a remote customer onboarding platform, which includes biometric verification, where customers can open accounts without going to a branch.
  2. To the insurance industry, a remote claim adjustment and risk analysis platform that does not require claim adjusters and risk engineers to go to the risk address.
  3. To the retail industry, an online store experience platform that brings physical stores online and provides customers with the opportunity to shop in the comfort of their home.
  4. To the healthcare industry, a telehealth platform that enables doctors to make online examinations and control appointments.
  5. Remote technical support platform that enables technical support employees to intervene and solve problems remotely when customers experience problems with a product such as a boiler, modem, furniture, etc.
  6. Video conference platform used for the needs such as call centers for hearing-impaired people.