>Co-founder of Ethis Global, an emerging group of ethical crowdfunding and fintech companies regulated in multiple jurisdictions.

Starting in Singapore in 2014, https://Ethis.co is now present in Malaysia, Indonesia and Dubai where it serves small and large investors and donors to match them to ethical and impactful projects.

Ethis has won various awards for its impact-investments in Indonesia, where it brings together retail crowd-investors, larger private investors and Islamic Banks to fund Social Housing developments in Indonesia. It’s global community has invested to build 8,000 homes with healthy double-digit returns, supported by the National Housing Program.

Recent platforms from the Ethis group are https://EthisMalaysia.com, Malaysia’s first Islamic Equity Crowdfunding platform and https://GlobalSadaqah.com, a Social Finance marketplace.

Munshi is an Islamica500 Islamic Economy influencer and the founding Chairman of the IslamicFintechAlliance.com.

Quote: ‘Crowdfunding and Fintech is an unprecedented opportunity to create finance solutions rooted in universal ethical principles, and bring sustainable and equitable development to the world.’

I seek to connect with thought leaders and entrepreneurial movers in the areas of:
- Ethical/ Impact Investments
- Fintech
- Crowdfunding/P2P
- Real Estate Development
- Real Estate Crowdfunding
- Social Entrepreneurship
- Socially-disruptive technology & applications
- Social Finance, CSR, Zakat, Waqf